Just moochin'

There are plenty of definitions of mooching, it all depends where you look. For me, it's the art of wandering about taking in the sights, smells and sounds of being outdoors. I've found it quite addictive over the years to the chagrin of my pension pot but as my better half reminds me, there are no pockets in shrouds.

However, as usual there is a but.

My but is I wish I had kept a log of all my walks over the years and miles, it would be hefty tome by now. But (another one), I console myself in the knowledge that I was there. I came, I conquered (most of the time) and went home happy, and with all my rubbish. Sadly, not everyone can say that.

The walks below are not to hold you by the hand and lead the way, simply to give ideas of where to mooch. Once the skill of map reading is mastered, the world or at least the area covered by the map, is your oyster – which is strange as I'm not too keen on oysters…

Please note: Bing.com have detailed Ordnance Survey maps which will guide you around the British Isles.