three high passes

The Hiker

A now defunct time-served compositor and sort of graphic designer, ex-shelf stacker, hospital cleaner, rubbish collector, airport taxi driver and at present, manicurist of gardens and life-long daydreamer. Not having bred any little shits, sorry, children, I have spent most of my adult life going places, mooching, swanning and fannying about – a right craic.

This website is a log of such said fannying about, but is also for my wife and I to reminisce over travels and adventures when the old doddery sets in. If our mooches and wanderings somehow ignite your adventurous flame, enjoy every moment of your quest. Believe me, reality is always skulking around the corner, the little git.

thehiker: a walking, hiking, trekking, rough camping, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, parachuting, paragliding, photographing, outdoor loving, sea fishing, shoreline exploring, mushroom hunting, wildlife spotting, wine drinking, foreign travelling and not very good at cooking, vagabond.