The Hiker

Exploring the wonders of Kent & Sussex, the UK and the world!

Ramblings of a nearly 60-year-old bloke who doesn't take life too seriously. Devour the world, take a BIG bite of it.

The counties of the UK are rich in differing landscapes, people who have shaped the land, and those who have left their legacy in stone. Cliff top walks, stately homes, marshes and sandy beaches – the list of places to visit is endless. Here's just a few…

Although the British Isles do not have Europe's and Asia's lofty mountain ranges, there are still plenty of stunning long distance paths, difficult ascents, plus beautiful hills and valleys. I've been lucky enough to have hiked some but not nearly enough.

Most people have a passion in life, mine is travelling and getting high. Mountains and hills have a grandeur that make them seem unsurmountable, but with the help of a good team and some personal effort, many tough ambitions can be realised. Shame the Himalaya is so far away.