The Hiker

Mediocre scribblings of an old bloke moochin' about

A mudlarking, metal detecting, bottle dump diving, magnet fishing, beachcombing hobo

Step away from the TV, internet and phone and see something real for a change. You can upload it later, like me.

Don't go bonkers, go for a walk. It's now prescribed with bird watching and sitting on beaches. Finally, they've worked it out.

Our world is a curious place. Happy, sad, kind and nasty. Trying new things is one way to keep the brain demons away.

Dictated to by the clock, pressurised by work, commitments to family. Sometimes it's nice just to get away from it all.

Due to recent worldwide events my bits and bobs are up for grabs. It's hard to say goodbye but a man's gotta do . . .

Beating cancer at 19 made me realise one thing: life is not a ready made meal, you have to make your own to your recipe.