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As you can imagine a lot of desk time goes into producing this website. Along with even more walking, hiking, wild camping, drinking beer, wine and cooking couscous.

Words that take readers on a journey of immeasurable adventure, are ripped screaming from my tortured soul and the photographs are taken with one eye shut. I also have a sense of humour.

So please, respect my rights of intellectual property and copyright as I respect yours.

My photographs are tracked by a wicked little widget that tells me when and by whom they are copied or downloaded. If this does happen, I shall have to come knocking on your email.

Saying that, I am very approachable and if you wish to use anything on the website then please just ask via the contact form.

I only ask for a little fairness in a somewhat unfriendly, unfair and aggressively competitive world.

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Personally, I haven't a clue what they do. I much prefer those round, baked 'bad boys' with little chocolate chips and a decent coffee on a hilltop watching the sun go down . . .

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