Sleeping on Ben Nevis, Scotland

According to those in the know, life begins at 50. Very useful if, like mine, over the years there was a dodgy kick-off, several false starts and a couple of non-runners.

Eventually though, Father Time has propelled me to my half century. I still can’t believe I am 50. Yes, I’m in denial. Wanderlust has a white knuckle grip on me and time is running out.

So, being a balding, ‘slightly’ overweight, middle-aged adventurer, I decided to spend the eve of my birthday (12th April, 2012 and yes the next day was Friday 13th) wild camping on the summit of Beinn Nibheis – that’s Ben Nevis to my fellow Sassenach countrymen.

Unfortunately, heavy snow wiped out my plans of wild camping amongst the rocks which put Plan B into operation – a night in the emergency shelter aka Britain's highest urinal. I can only thank god that it was frozen in there.

This is how I fared on my quest for adventure…