Beinn Nibheis / Ben Nevis

The sense of adventure

You’ll probably think I’ve lost the plot, but I want to thank Beinn Nibheis for letting me summit and return safely. Outdoor people know that hills and mountains can give immeasurable pleasure to those who care, but punish harshly those who decline to show respect.

My birthday dawn has given me new ideas and a fresh view of life. No matter how small or seemingly irrelevant, never lose the sense of adventure.

Please note: The Ben Nevis emergency shelter is exactly that, a shelter for emergencies. For my part, I did not put myself at risk. The adventure was well within my experience, level of fitness and equipment. I placate myself in the knowledge that if a fellow hiker had suffered a trauma, I could have offered assistance. I would also like to point out that all my rubbish and more was taken away with me.

Ben Nevis