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A nice pair of piles

By thehiker | Oct 12, 2018

Lamb House and Ightham Moat; two distinctly different houses but both steeped with history, stories and celebrity. We managed to visit both over one weekend to savour the waning summer warmth. Lamb House is a green oasis and Ightham Moat a living dream that will never come true. Photos: Lamb House and Ightham Moat.

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Royal Military Canal walk

By thehiker | Oct 2, 2018

Personally, I think this lovely, easy, scenic walk is disregarded by many because it does not have the ranking of say the North and South Downs Way. It’s not long or tough enough to bother with, not one of the ‘greats’. But this attitude does come with a silver lining; the path is peaceful, tranquil…

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By thehiker | Sep 18, 2018

After much cursing, headaches and the odd tantrum, has finally been revamped, tweaked and simplified. Now easier to read on mobiles and tablets, I shall be posting more content until the bandwidth can take no more. My site is all about getting away from the entrapments of modern electrical living and going outside, exploring, although obviously,…

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