Haestingas – famous for: a battle which took place up the road, Mods and Rockers 'dancing' with each other in the streets, the largest beach-located fishing fleet in Europe (visited by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall), Jack in the Green and more pirates than you can wave a wooden leg at. It's a historic, laid back, sometimes a little weird, seaside town proud of its roots. I kinda like the place.

Hastings intro

Having a penchant for aimlessly wandering around (the dirtier the better), the following are my photo odysseys of Hastings as seen by a practising hobo. My view of a underestimated, overlooked jewel in the crown of Sussex.

Beaneys Lane

Old St Helen's Church

Old Roar Gill

St Helen's Park

Hastings Country Park Waterfalls