Walmer Castle

Although built in the 16th century, Walmer Castle is remarkably well preserved despite coming under fire during the English Civil War, a hundred years later.

Built by Henry VIII after he had upset the Pope, three Henrician castles (or device forts) were built to repel the Catholic French and Spanish. Deal and Sandown were the other two locations.

Walker Castle, Kent

Able to mount a maximum of 39 guns, the castle has four semi-circular bastions positioned around a circular keep. From the air, Walmer looks a formidable target for any ground attacking force.

Fortunately, the castle managed to survive intact any altercations that came its way and eventually became the residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports in 1708. Over the years, new Wardens transformed the castle into the house we see today.

English Heritage now owns the castle and is open from April.