Sissinghurst Castle

As prisons go, you would think being incarcerated in a Elizabethan manor house conditions would be pretty comfortable wouldn't you? But during the 1700s things were very different indeed.

The house was used by the Government as a prison during the Sevens Years' War, leased by Sir Horace Mann, whom I expect, made a lot of money from this venture.


Squalor, disease, violence and death were routine but the French maritime prisoners kept their humour by naming the manor house Chateau de Sissinghurst, and Sissinghurst Castle was born.

Engravings in the 'castle' walls depict their imprisonment, many of which can still be seen by visitors today.

A succession of owners have stamped their identity on Sissinghurst Castle, its beautiful house, gardens and walks, now accessible to all thanks to the National Trust.