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Hastings Country Park

Hastings Country Park received park status in 1971 and is a unique area of the High Weald. Boasting Site of Special Scientific Interest, its geology brings visitors from far and wide. Home to dinosaur footprints and the best cliff top views in the area, this is a simply beautiful spot.

The park covers 345 hectares of grassland, heathland, woodland, ponds, pasture and arable land. This varied landscape is home to a variety of birds from warblers to peregrines and the woodlands support a well established dormice population.

Varied landscape

At present, the park is undergoing restoration to protect and manage the habitats. Livestock have been introduced for grazing and horses to keep the gorses and bracken under control.

From the cliff tops dolphin and porpoise have been sighted while beewolfs (a wasp that hunts bees) and spiders that like to eat ants are alive and well. Lovely!

St Andrews

For visitors there is ample parking off Coastguard Lane where you will find a visitor centre and public toilets as you drive in. St Andrews church has a tower you can climb with great views and on certain days they allow members of the public to ring the bells.

With a multitude of paths leading from the car park it is a ideal spot for walking, exercising the dog, painting, photography, catching a few rays…