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Broomhill and Camber Sands

Camber and Broomhill Sands, East Sussex, is simply a magical spot. Easy to get to and plenty of parking, the sand draws people for numerous reasons.

Dog walkers, sun bathers, joggers, walkers, windsurfers, kite surfers, sand kiters, photographers, romantic couples, all seek the joy of these beaches.

On a windy day at low tide, the sand is a mecca for kite surfers who zip along or fly, like circus performers. But as they are silent always keep an eye out for them!

In the ocean, windsurfers and kite surfers can be seen, sometimes far from the shoreline, enjoying the wind. At very low tides there is a fishing boat wreck that, with great care, you can wade out to – but watch the currents!


During the summer the beach really comes alive. School holidays see the sands packed with families and, unfortunately, the village of Camber awash with cars. Weekends and hot days can bring the roads to a standstill, with over a staggering 24,000 people being recorded on certain days, so leave early.

But not only is Camber Sands an ideal place to relax and play, it is also of scientific interest. As East Sussex's only sand dune system, it is a Site of Special Scientific Importance and created by the process of saltation. Very simply, the dried sand is blown into the dunes.

Many species

The dunes support grasses and plants which in turn create a habitat for moths, birds and beetles with old Christmas trees being buried to prevent the sand from blowing into Camber.

Notable sightings are Snow Bunting and Hen Harrier (birds) and the White Colon Moth, while the shallows are excellent for shrimping at low tide. Try it, it's great fun.