battle abbey

Battle Abbey

Built on the site of the famous battle of Hastings after William Duke of Normandy (Norman-French), 'poked' King Harold Godwinson (Anglo-Saxon) in the eye, Battle Abbey is a permanent reminder of the Norman Conquest in 1066.

October 14 was the beginning of the mass punch-up which left thousands of men dead and dying over days of fierce fighting. Harold, encamped on Senlac Hill, with a wall of soldiers stretching half a mile, was eventually overpowered by the superior numbers of William with their archers and horse mounted knights. Senlac became known as 'rivers of blood' as the sod turned red.

Today, Battle Abbey is quieter affair, depending on the number of visitors. The abbey is accessible, while a walk of the battle ground gives an idea of the feat William faced. Several rooms of Abbey School are opened on various dates. The spot where Harold fell is marked but has been moved over the years due to new channels of thought. Maybe, he staggered around a lot before he fell… Owned by English Heritage.