Many moons ago as a young child, I visited Stonehenge with my parents. Photos show us amongst the stones, free to touch them and play on them.

Forward fifty years and it's a very different story. The shiny, new visitor centre is now a shuttle bus ride away (you can walk, it's rather nice actually) and you're not allowed near the stone circle. This is a real shame.

I realise they need to be preserved but the place now has no atmosphere. People just wander round taking selfies (you can do it in 10 minutes) but it is a nice spot for a picnic.

At the visitor centre, the exhibition is pretty standard. No new revelations about Stonehenge but some interesting videos. There is also a café, toilets and a large shop for that must have souvenir.

Admission price for an adult is £22.80 which is I feel is a lot for what you get. If we were not members of English Heritage (free entry), then I would give it a miss.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric, neolithic stone circle apparently constructed in alignment with the summer and winter solstices some 4,500 years ago. Temple to the Druids, it's an ongoing mystery as no-one really knows its true origins.