Seaford Museum

Set in one of the original 103 Martello Towers built in England in the early 19th century, you have to remind yourself that you are actually in a Napoleonic defence when visiting this splendid museum in Seaford.

Crammed with artefacts spanning centuries, this tardis caters for every generation. The phrases 'I remember those' or 'my grandma had one just like it', constantly echo around the walls.

The highlight for me was a re-run of Pinky and Perky on an old 1960s TV. Halcyon days for us 60s kids. There's a plethora of exhibits, some you can interact with and films to watch.

I can thoroughly recommend this historic time capsule. It is very easy to lose track of time wandering and learning. It's only a few quid and there's plenty of parking very close by. There's so much it makes you wonder where they got it all from. Seaford Museum