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Groombridge Place

In a word, disappointing. Yes, the 17th century house (private) is lovely and the formal gardens pleasant enough, but that's because the property is now a wedding venue for those with deep pockets.

Sadly, the other attractions are tired, rundown and abused. Admittedly the tree top walk is fun and the birds of prey display entertaining but that's where it ends. The enchanted forest has ponds of starving fish, graffitied play areas, rotting gypsy caravans (a real shame), dilapidated toilets, overpriced café and a joke of a gift shop.

Walk around and you'll find benches with bushes growing through them, gardening materials left strewn and the bin area was disgusting. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used Groombridge Place as a setting for his novel, The Valley of Fear. He must be turning in his grave now.

If you have kids, money to burn and are not fussy, this is the place to come. Oh, and look out for the sad looking Zonkey, a zebra and donkey cross.

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