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Newhaven Fort

For a day out, Newhaven Fort is literally a hidden gem. With its heavy WWII artillery protecting Seaford Bay and the now retired parade ground all hidden by steep ramparts, it's hard to imagine there has been a fort here for hundreds of years.

Built to defend against Spanish and French invasion from the 1500s, the fort has been updated for subsequent conflicts and troubles. Often falling into repair, the site has been built on and was nearly a leisure centre. Councils, you've got to love them!

The fort and its guns are interesting enough but take time to visit the exhibit rooms, they are a mine of information. You can experience a bombing raid during the Blitz or get hands-on with all sorts of war memorabilia from machine guns to German helmets and grenades. Real boys own stuff. And girls of course. Oh sorry, non-gender too.

The website is Newhaven Fort