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Down House

I admire Charles Darwin. Naturalist, scientist, lover of orchids and arse kicker of self-righteous bible bashers who thought they knew it all – what's not to admire! Home to the Darwin family for many years, the house itself is Grade I listed with an interesting past.

Inside, the rooms pay homage to the great thinker, his working and personal life. Upstairs, an exhibition highlights his scientific and naturalist brilliance. On a family note, I never knew Josiah Wedgwood, the potter, was his grandfather.

Outside, the gardens are simple with an extensive vegetable patch and greenhouse for his love of exotic plants and bees. If you're looking for a kaleidoscope of blooming colour, these gardens are not for you. If you're in need of inspiration though, the sandwalk is where the great man pondered life, the universe and everything else.