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Beach huts

These colourful and cheerful little huts are not only ubiquitous along the British coastline, they are hugely popular globally too. Originally on wheels that could be pushed into the sea, these 'mobile changing rooms' served to preserve Victorian modesty, in the days when too much ankle outraged the women in black. 

Unfortunately, like most things these days, their popularity means they can demand top dollar; huts have changed hands for over £270,000 (really?) but can range from £5,000 depending on location. Some are simply passed from one generation to the next. 

Estimated at over 20,000 in the UK, these gay changing rooms can be found in their flamboyant rows from Norway to South Africa and America to Australia. Queen Victoria even had her own on the Isle of Wight at Osbourne House. Look for ones with cartoons, they're rather good.

Not for me personally though, I'd rather have the 270 grand!