Kent and Sussex Shoreline Walk

Walk 35 –Cliftonville to Birchington-on-Sea, Kent

The first thing that struck me after parking in Cliftonville, Kent, was the ships. Freighters and tankers littered the skyline.

It's a little cloudy as I start the five miles to Birchington-on-Sea, Kent. Chalk cliffs are surrounded by concreted and sad looking old buildings. The scene reminds me of pictures of 1950's Russia.

Margate harbour is a grey desolate place but I do share it with a metal detectorist. Leaving the sandy beach, a wide stretch of mollusc covered chalk makes for a crunchy walk.

Get the tide right and this is a lovely walk, full on contrasts, colour and the unexpected.

On this walk…

  • Wide sandy beaches
  • Hidden cliff lined bays
  • Ruined buildings
  • Concrete lidos
  • OS map 150 Canterbury & the Isle of Thanet