Kent and Sussex Shoreline Walk

21 - Samphire Hoe to Dover Docks, Kent

This is a fantastic, albeit short, stretch of coastline. Thanks to the channel tunnel, the 'newly formed' Samphire Hoe, Kent is a great place to start with plenty of parking, café and toilets. A good day out in its own right.

Travelling east to Dover, the low tide reveals caves and tunnels (take a torch) in the lofty chalk cliffs, while on the mist shrouded beach you forget there is a major sea port only a few miles away.

Fox Down Hill

Before Admiralty Pier, there is a wide slice of shingle, after which the way is tarmac. The town itself is dotted with cobble and tiny sandy beaches loved by locals and there are walkways too.

The harbour itself is impassable, but if you take to the cliff tops to Fox Down Hill, you will be rewarded with an excellent view of this very busy port.

In Dover itself, exploring the harbour piers, back streets and yacht moorings make for an interesting few hours. Not forgetting the castle of course.

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