Day 11 – Small Water Crag to Kentmere

4.5 miles (via Kentmere Reservoir)

Unzipped the tent and groaned. Camped only 20 metres from the water's edge but it's shrouded in a grey blanket once more.

Raining hard again so I mummify in my bag and nod off. Sod the weather!

Puffing and panting

2.30pm and I'm puffing and panting up Nan Bield Pass. Not long but steep. Immediately it starts to precipitate.

Kentmere Common is on my right as the reservoir comes into view. Keeping ahead on the bridleway takes me to Hallow Bank Quarter and finally to the outskirts of Kentmere.

Pillows and sheets

What! No pub! I start to sob. Looking back at the tops, they're as black as your hat. For the sake of my tent (yeah, yeah) I sneak into a quaint B&B.

Again, I'm the only guest. Checking myself in a mirror, I don't look or smell that bad. Do I?

Writing my journal in the conservatory I wish all those on the fells goodnight. Personally, it's time for pillows and sheets.

Kentmere Reservoir in the rain.

Nearing the village of Kentmere.