Northern and Eire, an island with dramatic coastlines, pipe smoking dogs and donkeys, brooding ruins, other world rock formations, famous black stout, beaches you can drive on, rolling hills and mountains, celebrity dolphins, amicable locals and road markings that change colour. Search beyond the political differences and discoveries will surprise.

'If you can make someone laugh, you've had a good day'

Giant's Causeway, hexagonal

ireland 1
ireland 2
ireland 3

Ruins & tombs, monochrome

ireland 4
ireland 5(n)
ireland 6

Carrick-a-Rede, wobbly

ireland 7
ireland 8
ireland 9

Cliffs and coastline, stunning

ireland 10
ireland 12
ireland 14
ireland 11
ireland 15

Ireland, a good craic

ireland 16
ireland 17
ireland 18
ireland 19
ireland 23
ireland 20
ireland 22
ireland 21
ireland 24