Cobalt beaches, little birds out of breath, water falling everywhere, diamonds in the sea, rotting blubber, wallet crippling food and drink, fearsome volcanoes, weird flora, other world landscapes, named after a supermarket, hissing mud, strange clouds, hot rocks and shooting geysers – it can only mean one place, Iceland.

Icelanders, a lovely lot, speak English as a second language, always helpful for us single tongued Brits. This is my photographic record of touring the land of fire and ice in 2012. I retired my two cameras after this trip, one can only take so much disappointment. 

Water, lots

iceland 1
iceland 2
iceland 3
iceland 10
iceland 5
iceland 6
iceland 7
iceland 8
iceland 9

Puffins, cute

iceland 13
iceland 12
iceland 11

Ice, cold

iceland 14
iceland 16
iceland 15
iceland 19(n)
iceland 17
iceland 18

Hot, very hot

iceland 23
iceland 24
iceland 26
iceland 25
iceland 27
iceland 28
iceland 31
iceland 30
iceland 29