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No matter what variation of spelling you like to use for Brugge (that's the Flemish version), they all mean the same thing; a picturesque, canal veined city abundant with stunning architecture, history, beer, chips, waffles, lace and chocolate.

For a city it's small on scale which is a good thing when you only have five hours to explore. Limited for time, we decided to visit the Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady), to see the madonna and child statue made famous by the Monuments Men film. I didn't see George Clooney or Matt Damon though.

After a lunch of Brugge's 'famous frites' with a fancy topping of bacon, pomegranate seeds, onion and chives (chips with bacon basically) hastily followed by valve clogging, warm pistachio waffle coated with a diabetes inducing goo, we bloated our way past the crowds into the Heilig Bloedbasiliek or Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Walking into the basilica altar your breath is taken away. The decoration is sublime, words cannot do justice to its magnificence. You just have to sit and stare, a time for reflection. Housed here is a relic from the crusades; a cloth supposedly stained with the blood of Christ, preserved in a glass phial. Being an unwashed, heathen heretic on a god like scale, I declined to touch the religious chattel. I did not want to burst into flames or ignite a cataclysmic event.

Being such a beautiful place, it was a joy to wander our remaining time away. Purchases were made and photos taken. It is a friendly city, English is widely spoken and not overly expensive. Being a horse lover though, I did think some of the tourist carts were on the large and heavy size. The horses looked healthy enough, if not that happy.

I don't often return to places, but a long weekend here is on the cards. If you can keep plenty of 50 cent pieces, they come in very handy for public toilets.