Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire

I personally could spend hours here. A gorgeous building with fifteen centuries of amazing history and links with some very big players from our chequered past.

Whilst meandering, intricate ceilings make you look skyward, leaded and arched windows illuminate the great hall and passage ways, while faded frescoes illustrate lives gone-by.

If open, the 17th century Morley Library contains rare antiquarian books and two, rather special, globes. The Tournai marble font is carved with the miracles of St Nicholas, while the Triforium Gallery is home to many fine and rare artworks.

One last mention must go to William Walker. With the cathedral foundations failing due to water damage, William, a deep-sea diver, worked every day for six years under water in complete darkness to shore up the cathedral. A statue pays tribute to him.

Or, you could just sit and take in the wonderful atmosphere.