Eastbourne Lighthouse

One of the most photographed buildings in Sussex, the Eastbourne Lighthouse, East Sussex, has stood 165 metres out to sea since 1902.

Replacing the 1828 Belle Toute lighthouse constructed by James Walker, this 'modern' lighthouse has undergone many changes in its lifetime.

Topping out at 43 metres, 3,660 tons of Cornish granite were use to construct its easily recognisable shape and its flashing light can be seen by shipping 25 miles away.

It was electrified in 1960 then automated in 1983, while in January 1999 thousands of tons of cliff collapsed directly behind the lighthouse, highlighting the fragility of Beachy Head.

If you do decide to walk the shoreline at low tide, be very aware of this constant danger.

Birling Gap to Eastboure shoreline walk




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