Lancing College Chapel

Sitting just north of Lancing, the grand imposing building easily visible from the A27 is the private Lancing College, the chapel of which is accessible to the public.

Having three organs and one of the highest vaulted interiors in Great Britain, Lancing College Chapel has to be one of the most interesting places I have visited in a long time.

Expecting Harry Potter and his gang to jump out at any time, the chapel's Gothic Revival style exterior and interior is simply stunning. Looking upwards, the magnificent ceiling rises to 90ft at its highest point.

Home to a rose window by Stephen Dykes Bower, this massive work of art is 32ft across, England's largest – gorgeous. For religious buffs, Desmond Tutu consecrated a stained glass window here in 2007.

The imposing tomb is that of Nathaniel Woodard, founder of Lancing School, whom we have to thank for this wonderful building.

Holding the title for the world's biggest school chapel, construction began in 1868, came to halt in 1977 and remains unfinished. This will be rectified though when funds are realized.

This architectural delight is open everyday except Bank Holidays and school days. Contact Lancing College for details.