Brede Steam Giants

If pumping pistons, taught belts, hissing steam, greased cogs and oiled rods gets your pulse racing, then the Brede Steam Giants is the place to visit.

Housed at Brede Waterworks, East Sussex, an exhibition gives a fascinating insight into how water was pumped to Hastings from surrounding reservoirs.

The renovated Tangye triple expansion steam pumping engines take pride of place, but over the years the collection has expanded with many water pumping engines and associated technology.

Crammed with expertly renovated machines of all sizes and colours and friendly, informative society members, it truly is an amazing place to explore.

Plus, just a few metres away, is an accessible Cold War bunker which looks like it was only abandoned yesterday. Great to see the old technology but the bio-suits look pretty sweaty!

For more information, visit Brede Steam Giants.