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Goodwin Sands

Devourer of numerous sailing vessels over the centuries, the Goodwin Sands' appetite must have been sated on the beautiful May day when we explored the infamous sandbank. Our adventure started at Dover courtesy of Dover Sea Safaris who propelled us to the golden mirage on the horizon. A few metres out, we transferred to a small inflatable taking us to the shore.

Greeted by the resident colony of seals, those camera shy slipping under the waves, while some braver, posing and seemingly enjoying the attention. They are a delight to see. Exploring the sands it was slightly disappointing that more of the shipwrecks were not exposed, but just the fact that we were standing in the English Channel miles from shore made it a magical trip.

As the sun set over the White Cliffs we took a flying visit around the Goodwin lightship then raced the tide back along the shore. A great mini-adventure and one I would love to do again.

Some facts

  • 10 miles (16 kms) long.
  • 2,000 plus ships (supposedly) have been swallowed by the sands.
  • A German Dornier D017 was recovered in 2008 after ditching here in 1940.
  • 1824 saw the inaugural game of cricket on the sands, now a yearly tradition.
  • Plans have been proposed to use the sands for an ambitious 24-hour airport!

Goodwin Sands Conservation Trust – help save the sands!