Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

These colourful gardens and pristine lakes have a history stretching back to 1685.

In 2010 the gardens were sadly closed, speedily reverting to a natural, overgrown state. It doesn't take long; ask any gardener.

Sold in 2017, present owner, Penny Streeter, has done a wonderful job to bring the 240 acre site of woodland, lakes and gardens, back to their former glory. Leonardslee now also boasts a vineyard and Michelin Star winning restaurant, Interlude.

Its many themed areas showcase shrubs, trees and plants, while the seasons witness changing hews from whites to yellows and reds, then blues to pinks and crimsons.

The formal gardens are a delight, while the tree lined lakes and woodlands are a great stroll for the soul. Dogs welcome on leads. Look out for the myriad of statues and sculptures as you wander. They complete the gardens and you can purchase them at the house. Try not to faint at the prices though.

On a different tack, check out the dolls house exhibition; it's not what you think.

On the down side, you are asked not to bring your own food and drink and you have to pay £4.80 to park in their expansive carpark (free for members). A bit cheeky we thought. Be warned: the gardens get very busy even on weekdays with school parties.

You can use your Gardener's World Two for One coupon but not on event days. To make the most of this lovely garden become a member if you live close enough. Near Horsham, West Sussex.

Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens