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Tide Mills

Looking at the faded monochrome images on the information boards, Tide Mills is a coastal village I would've loved to have explored in its heyday. A ruin now, it would have made a fascinating 'living' museum.

Situated between Newhaven and Seaford, East Sussex just off the A259 (free parking by Mill Drove), it is a short walk to this once prosperous mill powered by the tides. Other buildings here included a windmill, cottages and school for the employees plus a railway siding for flour transportation.

Unfortunately like a lot of villages, father time catches up and about 1900 the mill closed. Destructive storms didn't help either. Forcibly abandoned in 1939, the streets were used for training by the forces for WWII and made a base for Canadian troops.

A relatively unknown piece of history well worth exploring. The thickness of the cobblestone walls are testimony to their endurance.