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Ightham Moat

Now this is one pad I wouldn't mind owning. Encased by its own fishy home, with beaming façades and emerald lawns needing several mower extension leads, Ightham Moat, Kent, redefines sublime. 

If, and it's a big if, I had the money, I would restore it with as much originality as possible, but with underfloor heating obviously – I did say if I had the money. Visiting would be by invitation only and that would include family and friends, it really is that nice.

Ask the knowledgeable room stewards about this fascinating 14th century manor house and you will be rewarded with facts aplenty, some of which still have relevance today. Earmarked for demolition last millennium, the estate was once sold for £5,500 finally being bequeathed to the National Trust in 1985. 

Since its acquisition by the Trust, the princely sum of £10 millions pounds has been spent on its renovation. I'm going to need some more money, a lot, lot more. . .

Ightham Moat – National Trust