St Margaret of Antioch church font

Saxon in origin, St Margaret of Antioch church at Lower Halstow, Kent is a historic time bomb. Delve inside and the seeker will find frescos, log chests and a striking lead font.

Originally protected or hidden in plaster, it was discovered in 1921 after the plaster had cracked. It is thought that vibration from WWI anti-aircraft batteries along the Medway was the culprit.

The damage, discovered by the vicar's wife, led to the uncovering of a somewhat damaged but beautiful Norman font. These fonts are very rare as they were often destroyed during the 16th century Reformation.

Now carefully restored, it depicts a king with ten angels all standing in their own pillared arch. Above the font is an elaborate wooden cover that is lowered for protection. There are only four of this type of font remaining in Kent and 30 in the UK.