Day 10 – Angle Tarn to Small Water Crag

6.0 miles (via Hayes Water & Hayeswater Reservoir)

Thank God for earplugs. In the night my tent is thrashed by a gale worse than a lady in leather, wielding a whip. I should imagine!

Weather is BAD. Visibility down to a few yards but hikers are still coming up from Patterdale.

Hot chocolate

A soggy pack up and I join some stragglers but soon lose them in the mist.

Cloud hides Hayes Water from me so I take a photo of me in the rain. The best I could do.

Huddling against a wall, Emile and Lawrence are drinking hot chocolate. They're on the Coast to Coast walk and like me, having trouble route finding.

Tiny tent

We join forces and slop our way around The Knott turning off to descend Kidsty Pike. This offers great views of Hayeswater Reservoir in the clearing sky.

At the water's edge we part company. Sharing a tiny tent, I wish them happy spooning.

It's been a tiring day. A bridleway takes me up once more to Small Water Crag. Only three more lakes to go.

Are we having fun yet? On route to Hayeswater Reservoir.

Nice spot for the night. Small Water Crag.