Walking the low-tide shoreline of Kent & Sussex

I love Ordnance Survey maps. They take you to a different world that is actually just around the corner from home. One sunny October day in 2011, OS map 123 Eastbourne & Beachy Head led me along the foreshore from Birling Gap to Cuckmere Haven, returning over the Seven Sisters. Little did I know, this stunning hike was to be the first of 66 adventures walking the shoreline of Kent & Sussex.

Taking several years to complete, each walk averaged just under nine miles covering approximately 286 miles of shore, 588 in total. Every outing was governed by three factors – tide times, accessibility and work. Yes, the odd bit of work.

If I could sum up walking the low-tide shoreline of Invicta and We wunt be druv in one word, it would have to be – shingle. Miles of knee knackering, ankle twisting and strength sapping shingle. Wooden sea defences were also a constant pain in the groyne.

During my roams, it was fun to meet people of all ages from all avenues of life enjoying their passions, most with a little story to tell.

My heartfelt thanks to my now missus, Stella. Her love of the outdoors made many a walk much more interesting. And Andy, a great friend whom on a couple of occasions, I nearly brought about his demise. But, if it doesn't kill you…

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