Jack Fuller's Follies

If you mention the village of Brightling, East Sussex, one family name is sure to crop up, the Fullers. Or to be more specific John Fuller, also famously known as Mad Jack Fuller. Squire of Brightling, Mad Jack or Honest Jack which he preferred, was a larger than life character.

MP, collector of the works of Turner, sponsor of Michael Faraday, life long bachelor, Cavalry Captain, arts and sciences patron, supporter of slavery (I'll leave you to your own thoughts on that one) and builder of follies.

Many have been built by wealthy landowners who toured Europe, impressed by classical architecture and wanted to improve their own estates, or simply because they could. Most had little or no use other than to intrigue and please. Below are just a few of Mad Jacks but not all are accessible to the public. 

Mad Jack, although not perfect, did a lot of good. I like the cut of his jib.

Jack Fullers Follies Sussex
Jack Fullers Follies Sussex
Jack Fullers Follies Sussex

Above top: Mad Jack's mausoleum at Brightling Church

Far left: the Tower. Accessible, you can climb to the top

Middle: the Sugarloaf. Accessible, built to win a drink induced bet

Above: the Temple. Not accessible, apparently the venue for many a debauched party